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Biologics services offered in Upper Manhattan and Washington Heights, New York, NY

Biologics are a precision medicine approach that vastly increases your body’s ability to heal. At the practice of Dr. Sapna Pandya, with offices in the Washington Heights and Manhattan Valley neighborhoods of New York City, New York, esteemed advanced wound care specialist Sapna Pandya, DPM, offers biologics treatments that help you grow new skin and heal wounds. Call the office nearest you or book your appointment using online scheduling today.

Biologics Q&A

What are biologics?

Biologics are materials derived from or imitating natural cellular materials produced by the human body. They’re an essential part of healing for many people with slow-healing wounds. 

Biologics give you extra healing power and also stimulate your body’s innate healing mechanisms, helping you grow new tissue to close wounds.  

What conditions can biologics treat?

Dr. Pandya uses biologics to treat: 

  • Slow healing wounds
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Amputations (post-amputation wounds) 
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Burns

Biologics are often one part of a comprehensive wound or amputation care recovery plan. Managing underlying diseases like diabetes and caring for your wound properly at home are equally critical.

How do biologics work?

Biologics contain the most powerful healing cells in the human body. Dr. Pandya uses donated embryonic cell tissue grafts with the highest amount of healthy regenerative cells possible.

Dr. Pandya precisely shapes your biologic skin graft to fit over your open wound. The graft creates a scaffold where new tissue can grow. 

The powerful cells within the graft can turn into whatever kind of tissue you need and can also duplicate themselves to give you more healing power. 

Further, biologics recruit healing cells from your body, signaling them to come to the site of the wound to help in the tissue rebuilding process. 

Ultimately, a biologics graft helps you grow new tissue to close the wound and also gives you extra support tissues underneath it.

There are also other biologics options, including injections of amniotic fluids that have a high concentration of healing cells.

Am I a good candidate for biologics?

As a premier advanced wound healing specialist, Dr. Pandya is the provider best suited to determine whether biologics are right for you. In most cases, Dr. Pandya recommends conservative methods, like topical ointments and wound dressings, as the first step in wound healing.

But biologics can be a highly effective way to jump-start your recovery if your wound worsens or doesn't heal as expected. Biologics may help you avoid more extreme measures like foot or limb amputation.

If you have a slow-healing wound, don’t allow it to put you at risk any longer. Call Dr. Sapna Pandya or click on the online scheduling feature to learn more about how biologics can help.