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University of Maryland Basketball Owning the Big Ten

Who is ready for March Madness!? I know I am. Some of us here at Frederick Foot & Ankle are huge fans of the University of Maryland athletics. This year has been a great year for both the men’s and women’s University of Maryland basketball teams.If you have been following this season you already know that the Women’s team is the Big Ten Champs and are still undefeated this season.


Comfortable Men's Walking Shoe - Drew Surge

If you are looking for a 'go-to' comfortable shoe that is perfect for all day wear - this shoe may be perfect for you. The shoe has a thick, rigid and non-flexible sole with a wide base that limits motion through any painful, arthritic joints as you go about your daily activities. The extra-depth toebox is perfect for accommodating painful bunions and hammertoes.


Kevin Durant Out For Foot Bone Graft

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder is now out for the remainder of the season. It seems that the fracture he suffered early February has not healed sufficiently and is causing persistent soreness. Durant fractured a foot bone that unfortunately is known for delayed healing due to its poor blood supply. When a fracture does not completely heal within a normal period of time it is called a non-union.